What can you expect?

A personal guide. You and I explore together your actual situation and the best way out, the way to your objective. Maybe a bit like a mountain guide. You name the mountain and we then evaluate what it takes to get there. I will give my views on successful paths, techniques and risks to consider. After that we take your way together to your mountain top.

Business Sparring?

Support when I need it. High level business sparring partner.

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Executive Coaching

Why coaching? How do you identify a good coach? Coaching themes.

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Your free call

What you will get out of this call.

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Digital change - 7 steps to bring you on the winners side

The previous Blog focussed on the digital change, the incredible speed in which this is happening, disruptive developments and the questions leaders ask when they are confronted with digital change.  This kind of...

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Digital Revolution - how to deal with it?

Why is the Digital Revolution (DR) a topic for executive coaching? During Sparring with business leaders, DR turns up in the context of strategic questions, capital expenditures, M&A. The leaders often express the...

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As a Leader, all your words influence your business success – a new study demonstrating how little it takes to influence people

An encouraging message by the Leader in a positive tone influences teams and individuals positively. Negative words and a negative or even aggressive tone, results in demotivating them. As we all know the mind-set of...

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