Boost your confidence when you need it most - video backed with study

Boost your confidence when you need it most - video backed with studyConfidence, Self-confidence is an evergreen in Coaching. As you may have obseved yourself, there is hardly anybody who does not show signs of lack of confidence in one way or another.  So what - so we all have some areas where we lack confidence. There is some evidance here, that can be useful to give you the necessary boost when you need it. For example before a presentation a tough meeting, an interview, passing on some bad news ...  Your ability to be just that bit more confidance can make your life better and that of others as well.  When the lack of confidence has major impacts on a persons happiness and/or succes in life, then it makes a lot of sense to address this with a coach. Here we talk about a confidence booster you can apply on demand. This should be some of the key outcomes:

  1. A different - more relaxed - view of what confidence is 
  2. You will see – and then you can experiment yourself – how you can influence your confidence - rapidly just when you need it
  3. You can then take away for yourself that confidence is not a built in, hardwired result of your capabilities – but much more our views and judgements on ourselves

Body language is very much accepted to be a result of state or mood we are in. Example being sad: hanging shoulders, sad facial expressions, head hanging down,…. The fact however that this can be reversed, i.e. that you can consciously choose a body language to influence your mood accordingly – this is definitely not as well known. This TED speech is great as it talks in a summary about results of a study where exactly the reversed option, - body language changing mood and confidence - was demonstrated.

Here is the link to the TED Video


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