This is for those of you who are moderately happy or unhappy in your actual role. Very often I see good people with almost no passion for their professional activity. This is not only sad from a quality of life point of view. This also has the risk of not being alert, motivated and driving - a situation that limits progress or even puts you out of the job.

The most typical reaction is to look around for alternatives. This bares the risk that you change company just to find out that it is just more of the same and hence to ultimately end up in the same unsatisfactory situation as before. Initially the new job is attractive with new people, new learning, somewhat different challenges. Then after this honeymoon period in the new job is over, routine kicks in and you are back where you were before.

What if you would take a completely different approach?

An new path?

What if you would not just have to search and select? What if you would actually design your ideal role?

Design your new role in 4 steps:

  1. Grab yourself a good friend and discuss with her/him what you think you are good at and what you truly like doing
  2. Identify a need your company has and where this would truly create value
  3. Build a simple plan, check and adjust it with people who have insight
  4. Identify the person in the organisation who would benefit most from this new role  and propose your idea

This will start a new process in your mind and open up new options.

At the beginning I used this more as a coaching technique to help clients to develop different views. Over time this has however proven to be more than just a broadening view technique. It has actually worked in creating these roles.

The highest success rate was for appreciated individuals who had proposed this in their own organisation. For others this has lead to look for other activities and in some cases it opened up ideas to start a business.

Should you be in this situation - be nice to yourself - take some quality time and go for it. You may know a friend who could do with some reflection on the matter - try it out - he will benefit from the discussion with you no matter what.

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