Executive Coaching always has a return for leaders. It is during the last years that the awareness has grown that top athletes and business leaders both benefit from outside support/challenge to improve their technique, their impact, fitness and mental strength. Take the time to find out - it is rewarding.

CoachingCoaching works - but why? There are 3 simple reasons for it.

1. You are prepared to invest quality time to adress somehting that disturbes / limits you

2. You are prepared to talk about it, to express it and to consider other peoples views

3. You are doing this with a coach who has experience, the right mindset and techniques to make point 1 and 2 effective

The experienced coach picks you up, joins you where you are at the moment and evaluates together with you objectives, and paths to go where you want to be. Sometimes the objective is quite clear, sometimes not at all, sometimes it is just the drive to get away or out from something - either way we start where you are at the moment and develop it from there.

Lets speak over the phone. You will get answers to your questions and at the same time you get a feel for who I am and how I work.

How do I recognise a good coach? This is a good and often asked question. It is in theory relatively easy to answer in practice a bit harder to evaluate. First there are for sure some key criteria that come from Carl Rogers person centred therapy and can be presented as

1. Congruent - the coach is to be authentic and balanced, healthy

2. Unconditional positive regard - the coach should be non judgemental and have a positive respect towards his client

3. Empathetic - the coach is empathetic to the clients situation and views

In other words you need to feel understood and respected and have in front of you a genuine, real person. This is the base for a good working relationship, where topics can be exchanged in full trust.

On top of that I believe that for a business leader to feel fully comfortable it helps if the following criteria are there as well:

4. Needs to know business live on or near the level of where the client stands

5. Have some experience in life

6. Good analytical skills

7. Coaching knowledge, psychological understanding, some ideas and concepts how we the modern homo sapiens "tick"

8. Be objective / target / result oriented - get what the client needs to get - work towards a goal

OK, so maybe the bullets I gave her make sense to you or at least most of them. So how on earth can you evaluate a coach on these criteria? I agree that this is not easy. You can check the websites to cover some facts, but then at th end of the day I believe you will have to just try it out - hence my proposal of the 30' free call.

Set up a call with me and then you can make your own opinion if this could work out for you.





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