New environment

A new environment stands for a substantial change that happened around you. This change can appear abruptly or sometimes slowly over time. Maybe you see something coming and want to prepare for it, or the change has already happened and you need to deal with it.

New environmentPreparation for change

It is obviously ideal to get in to a new environment prepared. Once you are prepared you are more relaxed and you have capacity to absorb and adjust to this new situation. In case of a new job or alike, the planning of the first 90 days has proven to be very helpful and a key to success. Clarify with your free call.

A typical example for this is when moving within the organisation in to a more senior role such as head of a company, a business unit, a division, CEO or chairman of the board. In any case it makes a lot of sense to stop and think. Avoid the temptation, avoid the pressure to just transit in to an important new role without preparation.

The changed environment is already reality

Sometimes it is a lack of time, sometimes it is due to an underestimation of need to be prepared, sometimes the change came too slow, which made it difficult to realise that a major change was actually happening. What ever. You are in the midst of it and it does not feel good or safe.

A typical example is that the company has changed in to a direction you do not feel really comfortable with and you have remained a bit behind. This can go well for quite some time until the gap between you and the organisation becomes bigger and you and the others realise it. This can be addressed, but if it is not addressed it can have all kind of negative consequences for you. 

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