Promoted - a new role

Moving up is great. My client was aware that his new role as Senior Vice President of this larger group would require him to work differently. How could he make a good start, get accepted and then grow to his new responsibility?

Promoted - a new roleThe client had been promoted within his same group to a much larger responsibility covering a turnover of 14 Billion US$.

We had already been working together through the selection and hiring process, so it was clear that this change would be a personal challenge. The task was to clearly understand what the expectations would be from the Group Leaders as well as from his new direct reports, who were all strong personalities. It was also important to discuss the potential traps of being absorbed by less important activities that would steal his limited time from important tasks. Going with the Client through these different topics allowed him to come up with a rough timeplan for his first 90 days, a plan how to consider and take care of his direct reports, and propose review meetings with the Group management. Key performance indicators were discussed and some key activities were fixed in to the agenda ahead of time.
The outcome was great in the sense that the client was very confident when he took over his new role, was able to tell his team what he had in mind, had time reserved to listen to his direct reports and had agreed KPI's to work on. The client’s feedback was that this plan had been very helpful, even if some parts were adjusted later on and provided him with confidence and gave him the time to get familiar in his new role.

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Promoted - a new role

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