Something has to change - now

Most highly successful and admired people had their share of downs. Any of these autobiographies or speeches will talk about that. They say "never give up, keep going, believe that you will get there", and so on. This is for sure correct, but when you are down you often do not have the energy to do just that. In fairness to the celebrities they do mostly mention that they needed help form Family a special friend or outside help. Successful people get themselves help, do not consider this a weakness. A weakness is not to do anything when you are in a painful situation. You read these lines and maybe ask yourself .."so how on earth could this guy help?" Go to Contact, fix a date with me and find out.

Something has to change - nowExamples from clients:

Work has lost all its fun - this is new to me!

Clients describe that it happened suddenly and sometimes over time. Work just was not fun anymore, thoughts are going through their minds, they never had and they show signs of lack of energy feel depressive. Obviously this impacts the whole environment. The Family, work, other social contacts. This can be quite a scary feeling. It makes a lot of sense to deal with this situation. Such a situation can be at times dealt with quite rapidly or depending on the situation looks like it needs to require specialised psychological / medical help. So far all clients where able to confront themselves with their situaion, understand and accept hypothesis of rootcauses and address them. The confirmation if the right root causes were tackled are "mesured"  in the happiness and stability of the client.  Lets talk over the phone, how this could work - here is the link to find a slot.

Somehow I get pushed in to defensiveness all the time

At one point of time it changed. They find themselves permanently in a defensive position and somehow get stuck there. This defensive corner is a dangerous position to be - especially in business. When thoughts turn up like "for sure they will fire me", then the risk is that the behaviour turns in a way that makes this prophecy come true. It is of upmost importance that my clients get out of this dangerous trap. The turning form defensive to offensive often can be achieved quite rapidly which leads to clients to be much relieved and happier. If you find yourself in this situation, address it rapidly.

I am not satisfied with my behaviour

I am agressiv, treat people badly, need to have the last word and so on....  You may often wonder why you react the way you do and be unhappy with yourself. The reason for these pattern ist often a result of a learning from experiences made sometimes recently, often however find their origin in childhood. This behaviour that limits your success and happiness in business and/or private life needs to be addressed and the root-cause "removed". Dealing with this has a high reward at the end, it is really worth it.

Online help - is this any good?

From my point of you  - Yes! The offering is growing so that I lost a bit the overview on what is available today. I think it is a good thing to check out what is there from organisations with a good reputation. Even if it just helps to understand that you do have an issue, that you are not alone and that other people got out, can help a lot. Many programs focus on the first step, the coping part of stress and that can already help a lot.

The second step is the elimination of the issues that make you vulnerable. This second step is harder to do with standardised programs. This will require personal interventions from an outside person. Personally I believe that it makes sense to eliminate the root cause. I look at if you had a broken arm. The pain killer makes sense to be able to bear the situation, to be back in a real good state, you need the arm adjusted, probably put in plaster and trained again after healing. Now you will have your life with your full working arm back.

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