Use my full potential

What does this mean? I have my full potential when my spirit is calm, when I am confident, when I do not feel attacked. Then I develop my calm power, find more time to listen and reduce a lot of unnecessary stress. Stress has the tendency to bring out the exact opposite in us. Investing some time in this can create a lot of value - also on the private life side.

Use my full potentialThe full potential topic is brought to me, sometimes by the clients themselves, often by companies. Often a certain behaviour or a lack of action brings organisations to say "enough is enough - either you address this issue or we will separate".  Organisations use coaching when they see that the Leader has a lot of positives and where they believe in him or her, provided the full potential is back.

During the discussions between the client and myself, we discover that it is always very logical why the client behaves the way he does. It is also clear that his needs to change. The awareness however that "nothing is wrong with me" helps to accept the issue and hence lays the ground for addressing the behaviour. The disadvantage of coaching requests from companies is - they alwas come late. The organisation has gone through pain for some time, sometimes for years. By the time they decide to become activ, a large part of patience has already been used up.

It is much better that you act before them. We can review your situation on the phone. Often companies welcome initiatives from the leader to address an issue that is also a pain to them. 

The loss of the full potential is rarely based on an event, rather it is something that develops over time. At times it is fueled with climbing up in hierarchy. The problem with these slowly developing issues is - they tend to pass "warning signals". Be mindful when you have your annual review with your boss or when you hear observations from colleagues or your family at home.

If in doubt, use your free call - here is the link to the page to loof for a date - speak to you soon.

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